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Sigrid Pichler

Sigrid has been practicing and teaching yoga in New York and other cities around the globe since 2004. She has helped many fledgling and advanced yogis to find their path and advance their practice. She believes in the complexity of yoga as a wonderful tool to improve body, mind, and soul; but as complex as yoga may be, her teaching comes from a place of understanding and compassion. Bottom line, she makes yoga fun and for every-Body. 


Her expertise lies in tailored Vinyasa flow classes (private or group) as well as individualized (sports) rehab sessions (one-on-one or small groups). She also offers yin and restorative yoga, breathwork, and meditation classes. 


Born and raised in Austria, she came to New York in 1998 and - involuntarily - discovered yoga when a friend dragged her to a "we shall not name him" hot 26 postures class - and the rest is history. In 2007 she took her first 200 hour training with Jimmy Barkan in Fort Lauderdale, and has trained and worked under his guidance throughout the years.  Other influential teachers in her life were Vinnie Marino, Baron Baptiste, Seane Corn, and Bryan Kest, and many of her fellow teachers and dear friends in the yoga world in New York City and beyond. 


Her love for movement and challenging the body and mind does not stop at yoga. Sigrid is also a certified TRX Instructor as well as a Stages Indoor Cycling (spinning) Instructor. Her training in Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage enhances her understanding of the anatomy and functionality of the body. 

Sigrid is currently teaching small group and private classes in New York City (observing all safety rules and regulations) / and worldwide via internet platforms. She is running annual retreats around the world (hopefully soon again). She is proud to be one of the Senior Teachers leading the 200 Hour Teacher Training Program at Heatwise.

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